SDK Requirements

  • Xcode 9.3 and up
  • Minimum deployment target iOS 11.3
  • Swift 4.2 and up
  • An iMessage App / Extension target

Apple and LivePerson Configuration

  1. Make sure you have an Apple Business Chat business ID.
  2. Contact your LivePerson account representative to enable this SDK on the backend server.

SDK Installation in XCode

See the SDK code on GitHub.

  1. Copy the LPABCSDK.framework to your XCode project, make sure it is included in the Embedded Binaries section, under the project settings/General tab for the iMessageApp Target (and any other implementing target).

  2. In project settings of host app target, navigate to the Build Phases tab, and click the + button to paste the following:


    This script loops through the frameworks embedded in the application and removes unused architectures.

  3. For each implementing target, make sure to enable App groups in the capabilities section in XCODE.

  4. In the info.plist file of each implementing target, create a dictionary with the key LPABC_PARAMS and add a key-value pair of lpabc_appgroup : <your_app_group_id>

    • Your app group id should be the same across all implementing targets.
  5. Add import LPABCSDK to the relevant class files and initialize the SDK.

  6. In the iMessage app/extension's MessagesViewController class, please make sure to override the following two methods:

    • override func didBecomeActive(with conversation: MSConversation)
    • override func didReceive(_ message: MSMessage, conversation: MSConversation)

    In the implementation of these methods, add the following code: lpabcsdk.update(with: conversation) lpabcsdk.update(with: conversation, message: message)


     import LPABCSDK
     class MessagesViewController : MSMessagesViewController {
         var lpabcsdk = LPABCSDK.initializeSDK()
         override func didBecomeActive(with conversation: MSConversation) {
             lpabcsdk.update(with: conversation)
         override func didReceive(_ message: MSMessage, conversation: MSConversation) {
             lpabcsdk.update(with: conversation, message: message)

    This will enable the SDK to send SDEs (Engagement Attributes) to LiveEngage.