LiveEngage is the first comprehensive platform that enables developers to launch, manage, secure and optimize bots at a massive scale.

A wide array of APIs and SDKs is now available, enabling bot makers to develop human-like experiences for their bots.

Develop your bot on top of our platform and enjoy all of the benefits our advanced technology brings:

  • Deployment across our messaging channels: SMS, Facebook, Web Messaging & In-app Messaging
  • Real time sentiment analysis and reporting
  • Queue management and advanced routing
  • Conversation management, including escalation to human agents and transfer back and forth
  • Secure access to our backend systems via integration engines
  • Detailed analytics and reports on bot performance

As this video shows, our developer community has documentation on the many APIs and SDKs you can use to integrate bots into your workflows with LiveEngage.

In LiveEngage, bots are treated as agents, which enables them to become an integral part of a scalable and efficient customer care system. See the video above to learn more!