You can use the Bots Status application that's intended for monitoring agent connectors to monitor the agent connector for your post-conversation survey bots. Unlike other bots, post-conversation survey bots all share a single connector, making them easier to manage.

Successfully deployed survey bots display "Deployed" beneath the bot name.

Since all survey bots share a single agent connector, performing any operation on the agent connector affects all the survey bots.

Redeploy the connector

Redeploying the connector stops and restarts it.

If the connector appears to be in a stuck state, use this as a troubleshooting technique.

To redeploy the survey bot connector

  1. Access the Bots Status application as described here.
  2. Click Bot Agents in the upper-left corner, and then click the PCS Connector tab.
  3. Click (3-dot icon) beside the connector, and select Redeploy Connector.

Disable a single survey bot

For information on this, see here.