Use the Bots Status application to check the status of all your bots from a single location.

You can use the application to monitor and manage both custom bots and post-conversation survey bots.

Access Bots Status

To access the Bots Status application, you must have the Bot Status Access permission.

To access the Bot Status application

  1. On the left sidebar in Conversational Cloud, click the icon.
  2. In the Conversational AI dashboard, click Bots Status.

Bot agent connector statuses

An agent connector can have one of the following statuses:

  • Ready to Start: The connector was added successfully, but it hasn't been started for the first time.
  • Not Connected: The connection to Conversational Cloud has been dropped, or the connector has just started and hasn't yet had the chance to update its status after connection.
  • Online: The connector is running, and all end-to-end connections are working well.
  • Offline: At least one underlying component isn't working, causing end-to-end connections not to function. The connector is in an error state and isn't running.
  • Stopped: The connector isn't running because it was manually stopped.