This example illustrates how to send LiveEngage the presence/typing events (chat-state), specifically the "Consumer is Typing" chat-state (COMPOSING).

In order to send an indication that the consumer is typing, the connector will send a payload of ms.PublishEvent type. The payload body includes an event of ChatStateEvent and we are passing COMPOSING as the chatState value.

Getting Started

  1. Retrieve your domain. Use the LivePerson Domain API to retrieve this information by providing the following service name:

    • asyncMessagingEnt
  2. Here are the API terms of use.

Send Chat State Events - "Consumer is typing"

Request URI

Method URL
POST https://{{domain}}/api/account/{{accountid}}/messaging/consumer/conversation/send?v=3

Request Headers

Header Description
Authorization The AppJWT token (see details here)
X-LP-ON-BEHALF The ConsumerJWS token (see details here)

Example Request Body - JSON Payload



In order to show that the consumer has stopped typing it is not sufficient to send another text message. Instead you need to send another payload as above with the ChatStateEvent value in the "type" key. In addition, you will need to pass any other state which is different than COMPOSING (it doesn't matter which value you choose, as long as it is not COMPOSING) i.e: ACTIVE , INACTIVE, GONE, PAUSE.