Conversational Cloud UI

Only the following parameters should be defined:

  • Code Flow

  • OAuth 2.0 Token Endpoint

  • OAuth 2.0 Client ID

  • OAuth 2.0 Client Secret

  • JWT Public Key — Set field value to: "CONSUMER_DELEGATION"

To define the OAuth 2.0 delegation:

  1. In Conversational Cloud, select Campaign Builder. In the footnote, select Data sources.

  2. In the Connectors area, next to the authentication server, click Configure. The Authentication Server page is displayed.

Selecting Code Flow

  1. From the dropdown menu, select your preferred authentication method, and then complete the required fields

Brand's Authorization Service Implementation

The brand's Authorization Service should have to register configuration of LivePerson’s authentication client:

  • Produce a client_id and secret for the LivePerson application

  • Set required scope for accessing the relevent APIs used by the Bots API Integration

  • Define LivePerson's redirect URI: https://{domain}/callback/{account_id}/redirectCode Note: To retrieve your domain, use the LivePerson Domain API and provide the service name “IDP”.