To enhance performance, bots and answers that have been offered as recommendations are stored in memory for 24 hours. For example, if the consumer asks, “What’s my balance?” triggering article A, article B, and bot X to be offered as recommendations, this “utterance-recommendations pair” is stored in memory. If the same question is asked again, the system uses the same recommendations.

Clear the recommendations cache whenever you make any changes that alter what is recommended. For example, clear the cache if you:

  • Change the dialog starter in a bot in LivePerson Conversation Builder so that it uses a different intent.
  • Delete an article in a knowledge base in KnowledgeAI.
  • Change the training phrases for an intent in Intent Manager.
  • Change the configuration of the knowledge base-level and/or bot-level rules in Conversation Assist.
  • Change any settings on the Settings page in Conversation Assist.

If you don’t clear the cache when appropriate, your agents might not receive the right recommendations.

Clear the recommendations cache

  1. Access Conversation Assist, and click Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Clear recommendations cache, and click Clear cache.

    Button on Settings page for clearing recommendations cache