The Maven Concierge Bot template in a Bot template in Conversation builder that comes pre-wired with integration to Maven AI Powered Routing and Context warehouse enabling you to setup and build personalized consumer journeys easily.

The following example flow can happen with this template:

  • The conversation starts with a Welcome intent, for example “hi”
  • The bot then asks the customer for a phone number
  • The phone number is stored in Maven Context Session Store
  • Maven evaluates policies based on the phone number (whether phone number is in a VIP list or a Regular Customer List)
  • Bot transfers the conversation to a skill or agent based on the policy outcome

Included Items


  • Basic Welcome Dialog

  • A Question that asks basic customer information (e.g. a phone number)


  • Maven Context Session Store integration

  • AskMaven API integration that allows a bot to consult Maven on routing decisions

    • Pre built code for Transfer to skill and Transfer to agent: Routing decisions provided by Maven are then dispatched to an agent, bot, or a skill using these integrations.

Configuration Needed

The important environment related variables are stored in the Global Functions, and for most cases this is the only file you will likely edit.

Open the bot. On the top navigation click on Global Functions and edit the following fields:

  1. deploymentZone: Z1-Americas, Z2-EMEA, Z3-APAC

  2. accountId: Your LiveEngage account ID

  3. mavenNamespace: Please enter the Namespace you have defined in your Context Warehouse Session Store for storing and retrieving session variables.

  4. mavenApiKey: copy and paste the Developer Key from Maven Workspace

  5. fallbackSkillName: Please enter the skill name for the fall back skill. This skill is used by the bot if no policies are executed by Maven

  6. fallbackSkillId: Please enter the skill ID for the fall back skill. This skill is used by the bot if no policies are executed by Maven

  7. fallbackMessage: Please enter a message to send to customer when the fallback route

  8. CB_API_KEY: On the top right click on the Key Icon, and then copy and paste the key in "Your API Access Key"

  9. Click save

  10. Configure LiveEngage and Deploy the bot.

Using the Context Session Store

The Maven Context Session Store can be used inside Conversation Builder using Scripting Functions to store and retrieve session attributes. These attributes can be carried through in a conversation or can then be used in defining routing policy. The template provides an example where a phone number retrieved from the Welcome dialog is stored in the session variable. To view:

  1. Open the dialog in template called - "Start Here - Welcome"

  2. Click on the interaction - AskMaven, and then on the right inside Interaction details, Code

  3. The following code stores the phoneNumber in the Context Session Store. Similarly other attributes for example, NLU intent can also be stored in the session store.

  4. The phoneNumber can then be used to determine customer attributes for example if the customer is a VIP or not and then route them to a specific skill or agent defined inside Maven Policy editor. To run an end to end example of such a feature, please refer to the AI Powered Routing Tutorial