Innovative advancements in Generative AI, exemplified by platforms like ChatGPT, have revolutionized consumer interactions by delivering remarkably human-like experiences, thereby raising the standard for AI engagement. In today's digital landscape, consumers demand more from their interactions: they crave intuitive, personalized, and naturally flowing conversations. Consequently, they’re often frustrated when they encounter the cumbersome and inflexible AI solutions deployed by many businesses.

Here at LivePerson, we acknowledge that Generative AI isn't a one-size-fits-all solution for automation. Our strategy revolves around strategically deploying this cutting-edge technology in areas where it can deliver the greatest impact and minimize risk. Embracing a hybrid approach, we provide Generative AI-powered solutions tailored to specific, high-value use cases. And we supplement these solutions with rule-based systems in scenarios where structure and precision are paramount.

Enter LivePerson's AI agents:

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