Here are four tutorials videos to help you get started with our Conversation Builder. These videos cover the basic concepts and usage of the Conversation Builder, allowing you to get started with building great bots in a few minutes! These topics are also covered in the documentation below, should you wish to read at your own pace.

Dialogs and Patterns

Learn how to get started with some very basic bots. This tutorial explores the concept of dialogs (the different conversation flows a bot can have) as well as patterns, which allow the bot to match user input and respond intelligently!

Intents and Entities

In this video, we dive deeper into user input matching and look at the more advanced concepts of intents and entities. Intents allow you to use our powerful Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine to enable your bot to more accurately match user input while entities help with storing variable-like parameters for quick and easy data access!

Advanced Interactions

This video covers more complex bot interactions, allowing you to present the user with multiple choice questions, display rich content messages, images, and more!


In this final tutorial video, we'll explore integrations which allow your bot to query external APIs, bringing powerful new options to your conversations. Use integrations to programmatically access catalogs, databases, and other web services to super power your bot responses!