This topic explains how a large number of policies can be managed. When a route request is made, the policies are evaluated from top to bottom, and the matching policy routes to the agent or skill as configured. It is important to know how to prioritize and manage policies to ensure routing efficiency.

Find a newly created policy

Newly created policies get added to the bottom of the list.

A list of policies, with the newest policy at the bottom

Enable or disable policies

Enable or disable a policiy by clicking the toggle. Disabled policies do not play a part in routing. Newly created policies are in disabled state, and the toggle needs to be switched to enable them.

Prioritize policies

Whenever a routing call is made, policies are evaluated from top to bottom. For this reason, place the more important, higher priority policies higher up on the list.

The up and down arrows for reordering the policy list so that the policies are evaluated in a desired order

Search for policies

You can search for policies by name.

The Search box in the upper-right corner that you can use to search for policies by name