Every API call to the Recommendation API service requires the following Auth Headers to be accepted

Content-Type : application/json

maven-api-key : <INSERT YOUR API KEY HERE>

Base URL per environment

AMERICAS : https://z1.askmaven.liveperson.net/

EMEA: https://z2.askmaven.liveperson.net/

APAC: https://z3.askmaven.liveperson.net/

Query Parameters

Name Value Description
conversationId string Optional - The conversation ID of the current conversation
userId string Optional - LivePerson consumer ID of the current conversation
groupId string Optional - The group ID associated with the session store variable call to set values. If no groupId is specified, then the conversationId will be used to associate with the session store variables.

Get Next Actions

Get Conversation Orchestrator routing decision based on Conversation Orchestrator configured policies.

Method Path Description
GET /v1/account/{accountId}/next-actions Get routing decision based on Conversation Orchestrator configured policies


Note: the accountId and API key in these examples are fake - please replace it with your accountID and developer key that you generated.

CURL command:

curl --request GET \
 --url https://z1.askmaven.liveperson.net/v1/account/55884/next-actions \
 --header 'maven-api-key:  7egGDDqV7V9oSj6AIDEWW6yQfUwAyxyz'

How to call in JavaScript:

fetch('https://z1.askmaven.liveperson.net/v1/account/55884/next-actions', {
       method: 'GET',
       cache: 'no-cache',
       headers: {
           'Content-Type': 'application/json',
           'maven-api-key': '7egGDDqV7V9oSj6AIDEWW6yQfUwAyxyz',

Response body sample:

    nextActionId: ‘UUID’, // some uuid 
    rule: {
        "id": "12345",
        "name": "This is VIP rule"
        actions: [

                "type": "TRANSFER_TO_AGENT",
                "payload": {
                    agentId: ‘g23hasd234’,
                    fallbackSkillId: ‘12345’
                "type": "SEND_MESSAGE",
                "payload": {
                    text: ‘hello from maven”

    noMatchReason: “NO_MATCHED_RULES” // only added if no rules are matches, rule will be null
    noMatchReason: “NO_POLICIES_ENABLED”