As mentioned in the Getting Started document, we offer you access to our lp-faas-toolbelt Node.js module, which is a language-specific utility library for lambdas.

Currently, the Toolbelt offers the following methods:

Method Description
Toolbelt.SFClient() Returns a Salesforce Client, that is configured to work with the FaaS Proxy.
Toolbelt.HTTPClient() Returns a HTTP Client, that is configured to work with the FaaS Proxy.
Toolbelt.SecretClient() Returns an Secret Storage Client, that is configured to work with the FaaS Secret Storage.

Here are usage example, which are taken out of the official templates:

Salesforce Client:

Salesforce Client that is based on jsforce for connecting FaaS to any Salesforce system.

const { Toolbelt } = require('lp-faas-toolbelt');
const sfClient = Toolbelt.SFClient(); // for API docs look @ hhtps://

//This will establish a connection with SF. And leverage Access Token / Refresh Token to login
const con = sfClient.connectToSalesforce({
	loginUrl: "",
	accessToken: "PROVIDE_YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN", //Obtain it from Secret Store
	refreshToken: "PROVIDE_YOUR_REFRESH_TOKEN" // Obtain it from Secret Store

con.query(query, function(err, queryResult) {


HTTP Client:

HTTP Client that is based on request-promise for opening external HTTP connections.

const { Toolbelt } = require("lp-faas-toolbelt");
//Obtain an HTTPClient instance from the Toolbelt
const httpClient = Toolbelt.HTTPClient(); // For API Docs look @ https:/

const URL = "";

httpClient(URL, {
	method: "GET", //HTTP VERB
	headers: {}, //Your headers
	simple: false, //IF true => Status Code != 2xx & 3xx will throw
	resolveWithFullResponse: true //IF true => Includes Status Code, Headers etc.
.then(response ==> {

Secret Storage Client:

Storage Client that is able to read & update secret values. The following methods exist:


Searches the secret that belongs to the provided key. Will raise an error if there is no secret for the provided key.

Parameter Description
key Name of the secret
Returns Description
secretEntry Object with properties key & value


Updates the secret with the provided update entry.

Parameter Description
secretEntry Object with properties key & value
Returns Description
secretEntry Created entry

Sample Usage

// import FaaS Toolbelt
const { Toolbelt } = require('lp-faas-toolbelt');
// obtain SecretClient from Toolbelt
const secretClient = Toolbelt.SecretClient();
// this is how you can access your stored secret
.then(mySecret => {
  // Fetching the secret value
  const value = mySecret.value
  // you can also update your secret e.g. if you received a new OAuth2 token
  mySecret.value = 'nEw.oaUtH2-tOKeN!!11!';
  return secretClient.updateSecret(mySecret)
.then(_ => {
  callback(null, { message: 'Successfully updated secret' });
.catch(err => {
  console.error(`Failed during secret operation with ${err.message}`)
  callback(err, null);