What is a Concierge Bot?

Your Conversational Cloud free trial account comes preloaded with a Concierge Bot, which is designed to get your brand up and running on our Conversational AI platform quickly. This bot is pre-wired to use our powerful platform components like the Conversation Builder and Conversation Orchestrator. You can use this bot as a starting point to build out more advanced conversational automation.

This bot provides basic information and contact options to your consumers. If you don’t have an agent available, it can also collect consumer contact information and then send it to an email address that you provided so you can respond later. This means you can engage with your consumers 24/7 without needing a 24-hour support staff.

How to Test

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Benefits of Hidden solution

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The solutions you create using the Conversational Cloud are fully customizable. You can integrate our mobile SDK, create custom solutions with LivePerson APIs, and more. Select a guide below to learn more.
Prerequisites Before you begin, check out the Accessing LivePerson APIs article to familiarize yourself with our guidelines.