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Intent Analyzer is LivePerson's hub for tracking and maintaining intents in real time. It provides enhanced reporting and analytics for your bots and automation.

You can leverage the consistent flow of data from Intent Analyzer to:

Intent Analyzer integrates seamlessly with Intent Builder to provide a powerful, unified system for intent modeling and management.

Get started

Before you begin, see here for information on the benefits of an intent-driven contact center, the benefits of being an intent-centric management solution (ICMS), and common use cases.

To get started, see here for important information on enabling Intent Analyzer, getting permissions, and beginning with starter packs versus manual setup.

See here for best practices and tips on working with Intent Analyzer.

Enable Intent Analyzer for intents

It's a best practice to have only one domain enabled for Intent Analyzer at a time; this minimizes intent overlap. Also, for the best analysis, it's a best practice to enable Intent Analyzer for all intents within a domain.

To enable Intent Analyzer for intents

  1. Open Intent Builder, as described here.
  2. In the dashboard that lists all domains, select the domain.
  3. In the list of intents in the left panel, click the (Enable Intent Analyzer) icon.

  4. In the Enable Intent Analyzer dialog box, select the intents, and click Save.

    In the list of intents in the left panel, the intents for which Intent Analyzer is enabled now have a green dot beside them.

    And in the dashboard that lists your domains, the domain now indicates that Intent Analyzer is enabled.

    You can view the enabled intents in the Intent Analyzer dashboard.