After you’ve added a knowledge base and finalized its content, you can expose its articles to consumers or agents as desired.

Sending content to consumers

In Conversation Builder, add a Knowledge AI interaction within a bot.

A common use case for a Knowledge AI interaction is within a Fallback dialog, where you want to direct a consumer utterance that didn’t match a dialog starter into a knowledge base search. If an appropriate search result is found, it can be displayed. If no result is found, you might then display a "sorry" message or transfer the conversation to a human agent.

Alternatively, you might have an FAQ dialog or bot that is driven by a knowledge base full of articles. For an example use case that takes advantage of meta intents to capture all FAQ questions, check out this tutorial.

Sending content to agents

Save agents time by offering articles as recommended answers to consumer questions. To do this, add a Knowledge Base integration within Conversation Assist.