Outlined below is a sample reporting API call that is used to retrieve transactional deflection information pertaining to the LiveDeflect middleware into LiveEngage. The getLiveDeflectData API endpoint should be passed a start and end timestamp in epoch milliseconds. Any deflection transactions for the Account ID provided between the start & end timestamp will be returned with their current status.


Method URL
POST https://{domain}.ivrdeflect.liveperson.net/api/getLiveDeflectData/v2

Request Headers

Key Value
Authorization See the RFC for more information
Content-Type application/json
Accept application/json

Request Payload

The following information should be provided to LivePerson.

Item Description Required
siteId LiveEngage Account ID True
startTime Epoch time in milliseconds True
endTime Epoch time in milliseconds True

Example Request Payload

  "siteId": "25508804",
  "startTime": "1428934391000",
  "endTime":  "1428934401000"


Example Response Success

The following information should be provided to LivePerson.

HTTP Response Code - 200 OK

  "success" :  "true",
  "data" :  {
    "473513" : [
        "callId" :  "473513",
        "siteId" :  "25508804",
        "externalCallId" :  "1231",
        "beginTimeStamp" :  "1528932953300",
        "skill" :  "sales",
        "callerEnteredDigits" :  "9999",
        "callerInfo" :  "{\"userdefinedvar\":50,\"newtestvariable\":\"variablevalue1\",\"tshirtsize\":\"Large\"}",
        "conversationId" :  null,
        "customerCountryCode" :  "61",
        "customerPhoneNumber" :  "0400111222",
        "dialedCountryCode" :  "1",
        "dialedPhoneNumber" :  "4049903068",
        "eventType" :  "callstart",
        "eventInfo" :  "Y",
        "eventTime" :  "1528932953300",
        "externalConsumerId" :  "123-456789112"

Response Payload Definition

Item Description LOVs
callId Response from contextAndInvite N/A
siteId LiveEngage Account ID EG: 38856538 N/A
externalCallId Caller identifier of Brands system. EG: 1231 N/A
beginTimeStamp Epoch time in milliseconds N/A
skill From contextAndInvite Request N/A
callerEnteredDigits From contextAndInvite Request N/A
callerInfo From contextAndInvite Request N/A
conversationId LiveEngage Messaging Conversation ID null OR UUID
customerCountryCode From contextAndInvite Request N/A
customerPhoneNumber From contextAndInvite Request N/A
dialedPhoneNumber From contextAndInvite Request N/A
dialedCountryCode From contextAndInvite Request N/A
eventType Internal LiveDeflect event type skillchoice, callstart, ovrchan, deflresponse, sendtext, conversationid
eventInfo Internal LiveDeflect event information service, Y, sms, <welcomeMessage>,<conversationId>
eventTime Epoch time in milliseconds N/A
externalCustomerId From contextAndInvite Request N/A