LiveEngage Applications are a code layer developed on top of LiveEngage APIs which include an App_Install_Id parameter. This parameter is received when registering a dedicated configuration manifest that defines its scope and components.

There are two different types of LiveEngage Applications:

Global LiveEngage Applications

This type of Applications can be published in a Marketplace by a Developer and will be available for all LP customers to install (use/onboard) and manage within LE.

It is also possible to build a Global application but define that it will not be visible in the App Management Screen. This means that it won't be visible in a Marketplace-type environment but it will be possible to use it on all accounts.

Private LiveEngage Applications

A customer will be able to develop and use their own private LiveEngage Applications. These Apps won’t be published in any Marketplace-type environments. In addition, the application can be used only on a specific list of accounts defined in its Manifest.

This type of LiveEngage Applications will be installed manually by uploading a Manifest JSON based on the LiveEngage Application Installation schema.