LiveEngage Applications are a code layer developed on top of LiveEngage APIs which include an App_Install_Id parameter. This parameter is received when registering a dedicated configuration manifest that defines its scope and components.

There are two different types of LiveEngage Applications:

Global LiveEngage Applications

This type of Application needs to be be published to the Marketplace by a LivePerson Developer and will be available for all LP customers to install (use/onboard) and manage within LE. Global applications are restricted to LivePerson only and can't be developed by 3rd party developers (for now).

Private LiveEngage Applications

A customer will be able to develop and use their own private LiveEngage Applications. These Apps won’t be published in the Marketplace.

This type of LiveEngage Application will be installed manually by uploading a JSON Manifest based on the LiveEngage Application Installation schema. This schema will be uploaded under the specific account.

Quicklaunch menu

Applications can be added to the QuickLaunch menu in the LiveEngage UI. For applications to be available in the QuickLaunch menu, some criteria have to be met.

In case of a Private LiveEngage Application the JSON Manifest should contain the following properties:

  • "quick_launch_enabled" : true,
  • non-empty entry_uri,
  • the user profile should match one of the profiles listed in enabled_for_profiles.