API Purpose
Actual Handle Time API (beta) Track events within the agent workspace
Agent Activity API (early adoption) Track agent adherence on messaging and chat channels
Agent Groups API Update names of agent groups, update agents’ assignments, update group managers, and sync agent groups
Agent Metrics API Provide information about state of messaging agents
Agent Status Reason API Add additional away statuses and reasons
Agent Survey For Messaging Configuration API Manage Agent Surveys
Agent Survey For Messaging Runtime API Manage the Agent Survey lifecycle
App Engagement API Check eligibility and availability of engagements
Audit Trail API List changes made to users, profiles, skills, lines of business, or agent groups
Automatic Messages API Retrieve and modify Automatic Messages
Chat Agent API Run agent activities
Connector API Connect common messaging channels
Consumer Messaging History API Retrieve historical conversations data
Conversation Context Service API Guide contextual continuity, context-based dynamic, and human-bot tango
Data Access API Access historical raw data
Data Usage Audit API Retrieve information about transcript searches and exports usage
Domain API Retrieve service names and their respective base URIs
Engagement Attributes API Monitor consumer events such as topic and resolution of conversations
Engagement History API Search and filter copies of chat transcripts and related data
Engagement Trigger API Get information about engagements and interact with them
Export Test Report API Retrieve CSV files for test reports
Key Messaging Metrics API → Outbound Reporting API
LOBs API Manage Lines of Business
Login Service API Manage user sessions
Messaging Interactions API Retrieves most up-to-date information about messaging interactions
Messaging Operations API Extract call center information on account, skill, and agent level
Messaging Window API Control messaging window look, behavior, and implementation source
Monitoring API Enable consumer monitoring and engagement flows
Net Handle Time API (beta) Calculate agent headcount
Next Actions API Retrieve next best action (route to skill, send a response, etc.) for a bot or app
Operational Realtime API Provides real-time information about contact center performance
Outbound Reporting API Provide summary of messages and deflections sent
Personal Data Deletion API Delete personal data (e.g., to comply with regulations like the GDPR)
Predefined Categories API Group and manage predefined categories
Predefined Content API Find, create, modify, and delete predefined content items
Profiles API Manage Admin, Agent Manager, Agent, Campaign Manager, or customized profiles
Send API Handles communication between Connector and Conversational Cloud
Server Chat API Incorporate Conversational Cloud chat window into desktop or mobile applications
Shift Status API Check whether skills are currently in an active shift
Skills API Manage skills
Special Occasions API Configure exceptions to hours of operation
Test Reports API Retrieve IDs and test report names of domains
Unified Automatic Messages API Find and modify Unified Automatic Messages
Users API Manage users, update user information and assignments
Visit Information API Retrieve information about session, visitor, and engagement in a brand’s Agent Workspace
Window Customization API Customize the look and feel of the web engagement window
Workdays API Configure hours of operation for specific days, and assign them to specific skills


SDK Purpose
Agent Workspace Widget SDK Add custom widgets to the Conversational Cloud
Apple Business Chat SDK Implement interactive experience for ABC consumers
Engagement Window Widget SDK Add custom widgets to the Engagement Window
JavaScript Chat SDK Create a chat window from scratch
Messaging Agent SDK Provide access to Agent Messaging API, enable bots to handle consumer conversations, and perform agent actions
Messaging Window SDK Connect to messaging servers, subscribe to notifications, and manage conversations
Mobile App Messaging SDK for Android  
Mobile App Messaging SDK for iOS  
Mobile SDK Send structured content elements via templates