To store data beyond the duration of an invocation and even to transfer data back and forth between different functions, LivePerson Functions uses the Context Session Store.

This service is typically used to store conversation session state data (e.g. agent notes) in the Conversational Cloud. Because of its versatility, it is also well suited to act as a temporary data storage in the context of LivePerson Functions.

Toolbelt Client

The toolbelt offers a Context Service Client to make interaction with the Context Session Store as easy as possible for function developers.


The following steps need to be performed before using the Context Service Client in a function:

  • Create a Developer Key as described here
  • Save it to the Secret Storage with an appropriate name (e.g. context-store-api-key)
  • Whitelist the domain * (covers all domains needed on the production environment and Alpha)

Code Snippets

An additional jump start for the implementation are the code snippets that demonstrate the use of the mentioned client: