LivePerson Functions currently supplies the user with basic metrics of their account such as the number of lambdas and function invocations.

LivePerson Functions Home Screen with metrics

The Home section displays the metrics of the current brand account in realtime. These metrics include:

  • Total Functions displays the current number of functions on the account. This number includes draft and productive functions and also shows the maximum allowed functions of the account.

  • Deployed Functions shows the current number of functions with a productive state alongside the maximum allowed productive lambdas for the account.

  • Total Invocations represents the total number of invocations for the account since the beginning of the current month. This number includes successful and unsuccessful invocations.

  • Fair Use Quota displays the number of invocations since the 1st of the current month and whether or not the Fair Use Quota has been reached. An account may use LivePerson Functions free of charge for up to 150,000 invocations per month. Use beyond this limit will incur charges. If an account exceeds this cap, we may in our reasonable discretion allow continued use of LivePerson Functions while we negotiate in good faith, but we reserve the right to suspend or terminate use until a mutually agreed Order Form is signed.