This section describes the photo sharing behavior and configurations in the Messaging SDK. You can find all the related configurations in the resources ID table, under Photo Sharing.


  • This feature is available only for the Mobile App Messaging SDK.
  • This feature enables photo sharing only (not video/files).
  • Photo-sharing is one-way only: Photos can be sent from consumer to agent, but not vice versa.
  • Device storage includes up to 20 images - this is configurable.
  • Supported formats: .png, .jpg, .gif (non-animated).
  • Photo size reduction: Thumbnail - 30 KB, Preview -3 MB.
  • The SDK version contains a beta version of the Photo sharing feature. For now the SDK doesn’t support continuous uploading photos outside the conversation screen. Full-blown solution is under construction.

Enable Photo Sharing

To enable/disable photo sharing you can change the boolean value:

<bool name="enable_photo_sharing">

By default this value is set to false.

Note that you will need to contact your Account Team in order to enable the feature on your account.


  • if using SDK 3.0 on an Oreo Device (8.0 & 8.1) support for Notification Channel needs to be added.

Upload Photo

To upload a photo, press on the "attach" button next to the "enter message" edit text.


A menu will open with 2 options: Gallery and Camera. If the user had set a default app for any of those action- it will be open by default. Otherwise Android OS will open a popup menu with all the available apps for the relevant category (gallery or camera).


Changing the background color of the attachment menu is available with configuration :

<color name="attachment_menu_item_background_color">

Changing the text of Gallery/Camera:

<string name="lp_accessibility_gallery">
<string name="lp_accessibility_camera">

Advanced features

More advanced configurations (image size, compression rate, etc..) can be found under Photo Sharing in the Configuring the SDK section.remo