The SDK provides a callback mechanism to keep the host app updated on events related to the conversation. There are two ways to register to LivePerson events via Local Intents (Recommended) or via Callbacks.

Local Intents

Using Local Intents, you can register to a specific Action or to all of them. All the Actions are defined in the LivePersonIntents.ILivePersonIntentAction Interface. All the additional data provided using Extras on the intents is defined in the LivePersonIntents.ILivePersonIntentExtras Interface.

LivePersonIntents class provides several methods that help get the data out of the intent, without dealing with the Extras. For a full list of all possible Intents, click here.

To easily register to all the intent Actions, we provide an IntentFilter that already contains them all in LivePersonIntents.getIntentFilterForAllEvents().

Note: These Intents are local only and must by registered via LocalBroadcastManager.

To register BroadcastReceiver for all Intents, use this code::

  getApplicationContext()).registerReceiver(<your receiver>,

To register BroadcastReceiver for a specific set of Intents, use this example:

IntentFilter filter = new IntentFilter();

  getApplicationContext()).registerReceiver(<your receiver>,filter

Then,to catch the Broadcast:

BroadcastReceiver <your receiver> = new BroadcastReceiver(){
  public void onReceive(Context context, Intent intent) {
    Log.d(TAG, "Got LP intent event with action " + intent.getAction());
    switch (intent.getAction()){
      //handle the relevant actions from LivePersonIntents.ILivePersonIntentAction

Note: if you registered for multiple Intents, you'll have to filter each one, using a switch.


To register the callback call:

public static void setCallback(final LivePersonCallback listener)

To remove a callback call:

public static void removeCallBack()

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