Push and local notifications are a key factor that make the experience better for consumers - they never have to stay in your app or keep the window open as they will get a proactive notification as soon as a reply or notice is available.

Note: In order to enable push notifications, you must also configure them within the LiveEngage UI. See instructions below.

To implement push notifications on the client side:

  • Get your app’s AppKey from Google GCM or Google FCM and set it in the LiveEngage backend, as explained below, to identify your app by LiveEngage.
  • On every app launch get the GCM Token from your device and register it on the LiveEngage push service using the registerLPPusher() API call so it knows which device should get each push message.
  • Upon receiving a push message to your app, handle it so it is displayed to the customer.
public class MyFirebase extends FirebaseMessagingService {
   * Called when message is received.
   * @param remoteMessage Object representing the message received from Firebase Cloud Messaging.
  public void onMessageReceived(RemoteMessage remoteMessage) {
    // Sends the message into the SDK
    LivePerson.handlePushMessage(this, remoteMessage.getData(), lpAccount, true);
The proprietary SDK notification is only for display purposes, interacting with it won't launch the Application or navigate to the Conversation Fragment/Activity. For a fully interactive notification, the host app needs to provide the implementation.

Configuring Push Notifications

Follow the instructions below to set up your app key to enable push notifications.

Note: Before you begin the setup, you must ensure your LiveEngage account is configured and connected to the SDK.

  1. Enter your LiveEngage account through this Login URL.

    You will need the following info from your LivePerson account team:

    • LiveEngage account number

    • User ID (must be an administrator user)

    • Password

  2. Within LiveEngage, navigate to Campaigns, and click Data Sources.


  1. Then select Manage under Mobile App management.


  1. Click Add new to associate your app with the LiveEngage account.


  1. Select your platform as Android, enter your app’s name and your push notification API key, and then click Create app.


  1. Click Close to complete the process.