Deprecation Notice

the CoApp product is deprecated and will be discontinued from February 28th, 2020 on.

Appearance and Behavior

Note: Full white-labeling is currently not supported. If you are missing an important customization feature, please don't hesitate to contact your LivePerson account manager for help.

Below you'll learn how to customise various SDK settings to fit your app's needs. You can customize different aspects of the SDK including:

The Voice & Video Android SDK allows you to customize its appearance via Android resource files. With these you can change colors, default images, text strings, etc. By convention, all resources specified by the SDK are prefixed with coapp_. The following resources are available for customization:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <!-- Colors -->
    <public name="coapp_frame_color" type="color" />
    <public name="coapp_ringing_color" type="color" />

    <!-- Strings -->
    <public name="coapp_default_caller_name" type="string" />

    <!-- Settings -->
    <public name="coapp_ringtone_call" type="string" />
    <public name="coapp_ringtone_escalation" type="string" />
    <public name="coapp_mute_mic_on_start" type="string" />
    <public name="coapp_speakers_on_video" type="string" />
    <public name="coapp_enable_wakelock" type="string" />


Key Type Default Value About
coapp_frame_color Color #ff007aff The color of the frame surrounding the app's screen during an In-app CoBrowse session. Use a HEX color value, including a leading hash (#)


Key Type Default Value About
coapp_speakers_on_video BOOL YES Determines if the phone's speaker should be automatically enabled when a video call is started. This is recommended, as the volume in non-speaker mode is too low to be heard from a viewing distance.


You can also adjust ringtones and the default avatar by overriding non-xml resources in your res/ folder. The following resources exist:

Resource Description Notes
res/drawable-nodpi/coapp_default_avatar Default avatar used when agent does not actively supply one The default avatar is the LivePerson logo
res/raw/notification_ringtone Ringtone sound to be played on a In-app CoBrowsing invitation or escalation You can override these with coapp_ringtone_call and coapp_ringtone_escalation

Secure fields & fieldmasking

Since the SDK offers screen sharing capabilities, it might be of interest to black out some fields the agent should not see in a screensharing session. For this, the SDK offers a mechanism to flag View instances which are covered by a black rectangle.

Note: this feature is still in BETA and in some cases, the fieldmasking might not cover all sensitive screen areas.

To try the fieldmasking option you can either add a android:tag on the layout resources or call setTag() programmatically:

    android:tag="@string/coapp_secure_field" /> <!-- add tag to resource -->
mySecureView.setTag(getResources().getString(R.string.coapp_secure_field)); // calling setTag()

Account Settings

If you plan to offer a new language not yet available in the SDK, please to speak to your LivePerson account manager. These settings should only be used to customize the wording according to you app's needs. To find the String resources available for public customization, please check the res folder in the SDK project.

NOTE: More options will become available once the SDK is out of BETA