Deprecation Notice

the CoApp product is deprecated and will be discontinued from February 28th, 2020 on.

Agent Workspace Requirements

Your agents will be using LiveEngage from a supported web browser to make calls to your consumers. This section explains how to setup your LiveEngage account for voice & video support.

Note: Legacy systems do NOT support this feature.

Supported Browsers

Browser Version Desktop OS
Chrome >= v54) Windows, MacOSX, Linux

Note: Only web browsers listed here are supported. When using LiveEngage from an unsupported browser the feature is automatically disabled from the agent workspace.

Required Hardware

Feature Hardware Note
Voice Calls Microphone -
Video Calls Microphone + Webcam -
In-app CoBrowse - requires a voice-call

Account Settings

Account features

By default, voice & video is not enabled in your LiveEngage account. Please contact your LivePerson account manager to have this feature enabled for you.

User Profiles

Your agents on LiveEngage require a specific set of skills in order to use the voice, video or In-app CoBrowse capabilities of your account.

By default, these settings are enabled for your "agent" role. If you wish to disable or customize them for specific Agent Groups, follow these steps:

  1. Goto the Users tab
  2. Select Profiles
  3. Select the profile you wish to edit (usually: Agent)


Enable the permissions you wish to grant to your group:

  • Initiate voice conversation
  • Initiate live video
  • Initiate CoBrowse view-only session, with scroll-control (1)
  • Initiate CoBrowse view-only session
  • Initiate CoBrowse shared control session

All of these settings should be self-explanatory.

Profiles2 (1) Scroll-only is currently supported in Web-based CoBrowse only. For in-app CoBrowse this setting is identical to the normal view-only mode.

Invitation Options

The settings you chose in User Profiles will be reflected in all of your account's Messaging conversations (not Chat). Depending on the features you enabled, you will see something similar to below:

Conversation Features

Register Your App with LiveEngage

In order to use your app with your LiveEngage account, you need to first register it. Just a few steps are required.

Register your App ID

  • Login to your LiveEngage account as Account Admin
  • Open Campaigns tab
  • Select Data Sources label below the campaigns list

Data Sources

  • Select APP tab
  • Under Mobile app Management choose Manage

Data Sources Apps

  • Click + Add New

Data Sources App2

  • Choose [Android] as Platform
  • Enter your app's Bundle ID in Mobile App name
  • Enter your Firebase/GCM Server Key in Push notification API key
  • Press Create app
  • Wait for a confirmation, then Close

Data Sources Android

Your app registration is now complete!