This section describes the photo sharing behavior and configurations in the Messaging SDK.

You can find all the related configurations in the resources ID table, under Photo Sharing.


  • This feature is available only for the Mobile App Messaging SDK.
  • This features enables photo sharing only (not video/files).
  • Photo-sharing is one-way only: Photos can be sent from consumer to agent, but not vice versa.
  • Device storage includes up to 20 images - this is configurable.
  • Supported formats: .png, .jpg, .gif (non-animated).
  • Photo size reduction: image size needs to be smaller than 3MB. Images larger than 3MBs will be resized down. The generated thumbnail from this image (base64-encoded) will be up to 30KBs in size.
  • App Privacy settings are needed:
    • Key: NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription, Value: "Photo Library Privacy Setting for LiveEngage Mobile App Messaging SDK for iOS",
    • Key: NSCameraUsageDescription, Value: "Camera Privacy Setting for LiveEngage Mobile App Messaging SDK for iOS"
    • Important: Values for these descriptions are up to the brand to define, these are only examples.
When using Custom View Controller Mode, the Conversation view must be removed when leaving the App. To avoid dismissing the View when CSAT/SecureForms/PhotoSharing View is presented, you should only dismiss the Conversation view if Moving From ParentView, as demonstrated below.
if (self.conversationQuery != nil && self.isMovingToParentViewController){

Note: When ViewController Mode is used, on the Navigation Bar Back Button, you can simply call LPMessagingSDK.instance.removeConversation(self.conversationQuery!).

Enable Photo Sharing

To enable/disable photo sharing you can change the boolean value:


By default this value is set to false.

Note that you will need to contact your Account Team in order to enable the feature on your account.

Upload Photo

To upload a photo, click the "attach" button next to "enter message" edit text.


A menu will open with 2 options: Photo Library and Camera.


Changing the background color of attachment menu is available with configuration:


Changing the text of buttons:


Changing the menu button's background color:


Changing the menu button's tint color:


Note: for the list of all configurable attributes, click here