Listed below are all of the Release Notes for previous versions of our Mobile App Messaging SDK for iOS. To learn more about the SDK and how to get started, see the MobileSDK iOS Quick Start guide.

SDK versions are not downgrade-compatible.

Regular Release

A planned and scheduled release with a defined scope that has gone through regression testing and passed by our QA team. This release typically contains prioritized features and customer bugs and may also include internal development and fixes. Note that these releases are always built using the latest version of Swift (N and N – 1).

These release are available as direct download and cocoapods

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Additional Release

These release are generally used to address any critical bugs on the SDK and/or support unplanned Swift/Xcode releases from Apple. This release may or may not undergo a complete regression cycle. Customers can pick this release as per need basis.

These release are available only through cocoapods.

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Limited Release

  1. "Customized Builds" provided to customers to address specific business impacting requirements for e.g. supporting specific older version of Swift etc. Note that this would be only a one time custom build and will not have any progressive increments on this build.
  2. Beta releases also comes under this category where the team builds an SDK around the beta OS versions from Apple.

These builds may undergo limited or focused regression testing only. Any issues or bugs reported on this Limited release build will only be addressed on the latest SDK version of the "Regular Releases".

These release are available only through cocoapods.

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