To determine the layout of messaging within the app, you can utilize various actions to control the behavior and UI such as menus, custom buttons, typing indication, etc.

Note: these methods (1,2 and 3) are only available when using the SDK ViewController (Window Mode)

  1. This method changes the state of the action menu of the conversation for brandID.

    • Note: for more information about how to use this method, click here
public func toggleChatActions(accountID: String, sender: UIBarButtonItem? = nil)
  1. Will be triggered each time the SDK menu is opened/closed.
<LPMessagingSDKdelegate> optional func LPMessagingSDKActionsMenuToggled(toggled: Bool)
  1. If you set a custom button, this method will be called when the custom button is clicked.
<LPMessagingSDKdelegate> optional func LPMessagingSDKCustomButtonTapped()
  1. Will be triggered if Off-Hours state changed.
<LPMessagingSDKdelegate> optional func LPMessagingSDKOffHoursStateChanged(isOffHours: Bool, brandID: String)