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SDK Version 5.1.0

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iOS Messaging SDK - Version 5.1.0

Release Date: January 2, 2020

Environmental Requirements

The iOS Mobile Messaging SDK version 5.1.0 is compatible with Xcode 11.3, Swift version 5.1.3 (swiftlang-1100.0.282.1 clang-1100.0.33.15), and supported on iOS versions 11 through 13.

Bugs fixed

  • Issue with background color for Agent Avatar image
  • Allow ability to wrap text with in a clickable option for Structured content

Accesibility fixed

  • "Fill in form" button does not inform user when it is still loading
  • Quick reply text is announced automatically but buttons are not
  • VoiceOver begins announcing survey questions as they are published to the chat before they finish loading, causing them to be partially announced, interrupted, then announced again
  • If agent sends a hyperlink, the post is announced as plain text, user has no way to know it can be activated
  • Elements with functionality of hyperlinks are being announced as buttons
  • Attachments are always announced as "image"
  • Separator bar after completing PCS survey can receive focus

New Features

Scroll Behavior Configuration - clients can customize the scroll behavior for the following scenarios:

  • showConversation the SDK window is shown via the call showConversation
  • backgroundToForeground the SDK Conversation is brought from background to foreground state
  • scrollToBottomButtonPressed the SDK scroll to bottom button is pressed
  • pushNotificationTapped a native push notification was tapped and the SDK API setPushNotificationTapped was called.

For more information, see the Scroll Behavior Configuration page.

unreadMessagesDivider no longer impacts scroll behavior or prevents scrollToBottomButton from being display.