iOS Messaging SDK - Version 2.0

Version Specific System Requirements Document

These are the main feature releases available in the Mobile App Messaging SDK version 2.0.

Photo sharing for iOS and Android (Beta)

Consumers can now add photos directly into a messaging conversation, enabling them to describe an item and share it with their agent. Photo sharing supports multiple image sizes, and all shared images are logged in All Connections. This feature is available for Facebook messenger, web messaging, and Mobile App Messaging, on both Android and iOS.

Release Notes Photo Sharing

Accessibility for messaging

The Mobile App Messaging SDK now supports accessibility WCAG Level A and Level AA and CATO.

Release Note Accessibility

Brands can now configure their own regular expressions to create hyperlinks which link directly to relevant pages or actions.

Expressions can be configured for the following commands:

  • Call
  • Email
  • URL

Release Notes Hyperlinks

In-conversation shortcut to new messages

A shortcut can now be configured to appear within the conversation when there are new messages available. This saves the consumer time when scrolling within messaging conversations. Clicking on the shortcut navigates the visitor straight to the new messages so they can quickly and easily continue the conversation.

Release Note In-conversation

Set icon for send button

Brands now have the ability to replace the Send button in a messaging conversation with a paper plane (Android) or arrow (iOS). This icon can be customized to match the brand’s colors.

When sending a link within an Mobile App Messaging conversation, a preview of the link page will display within the thread, giving the consumer a useful overview of the link content.

Ability to remove resolved divider in thread

Brands are now able to configure the removal of the resolved divider within a thread. The divider usually appears underneath the system message noting that the conversation has been resolved. This creates the feel of one ongoing, undisrupted conversation for consumers using messaging.

Release Notes Ability to Remove Release Notes Ability to Remove

Add callback to SDK for agent picture click

In order to provide brands with greater insight into consumer activity within the messaging window, LiveEngage will provide a callback when a consumer clicks on the agent’s picture in the conversation. The brand can then decide what action they would like to take, for example opening an agent profile or enlarging the picture.

Release Notes Add Callback

Enhancement: Configure CSAT Timeout

Brands can now configure for how long a CSAT form will be displayed to the consumer after the messaging conversation is resolved by the agent. This applies to consumers who exit the conversation before it is resolved.

Brands can select from the following options:

  • The CSAT form never times out, and will be displayed to the consumer when they reopen the conversation regardless of the amount of time that has passed since the conversation was resolved.

  • The number of minutes from when the conversation was resolved to when the form will no longer be displayed.