iOS Messaging SDK - Version 2.3.0

Version Specific System Requirements Document

These are the main feature releases available in the Mobile App Messaging SDK version 2.3 for iOS.

iOS Developer Enhancements

The LiveEngage in-app SDK is fully compatible with the most recent versions of Apple’s developer tools, Xcode 8.3 and Swift 3.1.

The SDK is also compatible with CocoaPods, a dependency manager for Swift and Objective-C Cocoa projects. CocoaPods has thousands of libraries and is used in over 2 million apps. It can help you scale your projects elegantly and provides a standard format for managing external libraries.

Note: Sample Apps are now using CocoaPods.

CocoaPods Installation

  1. Install cocoapods using the following command:

    $ gem install cocoapods

  2. Navigate to your project folder and init new pod using the following command:

    $ pod init

  3. Podfile should be created under your project’s folder.

    To integrate Liveperson Messaging SDK into your Xcode project using CocoaPods, specify it in your Podfile:

    source '' platform :ios, '8.0' use_frameworks!

    target '' do pod 'LPMessagingSDK' end
  4. Run the following command in the terminal under your project folder:

    $ pod install

  5. In project settings, navigate to the Build Phases tab, and click the + button to add a New Run Script Phase. Add the script below in order to loop through the frameworks embedded in the application and remove unused architectures (used for the simulator). This step is a workaround for the known iOS issue and is necessary for archiving your app before publishing it to the App Store.

bash "${SRCROOT}/Pods/LPMessagingSDK/LPMessagingSDK/LPInfra.framework/"
Secure form for Mobile App Messaging

The secure form gives consumers the confidence to submit sensitive information, such as credit card data and social security numbers, while messaging in-app. The form also enables agents to safely carry out secure processes, such as payment, identification and authorisations.

The form can be tailored to match the Mobile App Messaging experience and has a time-out expiry, for added security.

This feature requires consulting services support. For more information, please refer to the LiveEngage secure form for messaging documentation.

Release Notes Secure Form

Related properties: Agent PCI bubble Related strings: PCI

List of certified and supported devices extended

The following devices are now also supported and/or certified to host our Mobile App Messaging SDK:


  Operating system  
Device iOS 9.x iOS 10.x
iPhone SE Supported Supported


  Operating system    
Device iOS 8.x iOS 9.x iOS 10.x
Air 2 (2014) Supported Supported Supported
Mini 4 (2015) N/A Supported Supported
iPad Pro (2016) N/A Supported Supported
iPad 5 (2017) N/A N/A Supported
Presence enablement for photo sharing - beta*

Presence enablement for photo sharing provides consumers with the ability to receive notifications while uploading a photo, whether they remain within the app or keep it running in the background.

The Web Socket remains open for a maximum of 60 seconds (using Background Task) when the app or conversation window moves to the background. This scenario is also applicable for non photo sharing flows.

Photo sharing is a beta feature.