iOS Messaging SDK - Version 2.9.3

Version 2.9.3 planned roll-out: November 29th 2017

Version Specific System Requirements Document

These are the main feature releases available in the Mobile App Messaging SDK version 2.9 for iOS.

Accessibility Updates

Bug: Structured content focus for new messages


When consumer has opened the conversation screen, connectivity bar shows there is no connection and there is no connectivity to the messaging service. This symptom will occur in the following case:

Brands which implement UIDevice Extension with 'var modelName: String' that returns device name string containing white spaces.


SDK will now trim the whitespace of the device modelName and connectivity will work as expected.

Bug: Structured content image resolution


UI overlaps of time stamp label over the message when sending a Link Preview message, while setting 'bubbleTimestampTopPadding' with a value.


Overlap will no longer occur due to backend fixes.