iOS Messaging SDK - Version 3.0

New functionalities

Certificate Pinning

Type: Security Feature

Available to all customers? No. Contact support for more details.

Certificate Pinning allows increased security on top of the commonly used SSL protocol for mobile apps. It assists to prevent certificate hijacks and mitigates implications from compromised certificate authorities. By using Certificate Pinning, apps have an additional validation of the server’s certificate.

The object certPinningPublicKeys was added to the object LPAuthenticationParams. Please note: using the new object without completing the onborading process will result in failures while trying to communicate with LivePerson’s servers.

The following additional conditions and configurations are required:

Backend update Backend enablement Backend configuration SDK enablement SDK configuration
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Xcode 9.2 and Swift 4.0.2 Support

Type: Developer Experience Feature

Available to all customers? Yes

The Mobile App Messaging SDK v3.0 was built and certified with Xcode 9.2 in Swift 4.0.2 and also supports Xcode 9.1.

List of certified and supported devices extended

The following devices are now also supported and/or certified to host our Mobile App Messaging SDK:

Operating system
Model iOS 9.x iOS 10.x iOS 11.x
iPhone 8 N/A N/A Certified
iPhone 8+ N/A N/A Certified
iPhone X N/A N/A Certified

A full list of supported and certified devices can be found in the LiveEngage System Requirements document.

Key for items as follows:

Backend update: This feature requires an update to the backend.

Backend enablement: This feature requires items to be toggled on in the backend.

Backend configuration: This feature requires configuration in the backend.

SDK enablement: This feature requires items to be toggled on in the SDK.

SDK configuration: This features requires items to be configured in the SDK.

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