Environmental Requirements

iOS Mobile App SDK v3.5 is compatible with Xcode 10, Swift 4.2 and iOS versions 10 through 12

Known Issue

There is a known issue related to entering the conversation view controller with an expired token. The consumer observes a "still connecting" message which can be resolved by exiting and re-entering the conversation view controller.

Bug Fixes

  • When an unauthenticated consumer attempts to reconnect after their session expires (when using JSON Web Tokens) the connection fails.

  • Push notifications are not being received when going to background (minimizing app) due to issues with network.

  • When a consumer is in active conversation and an agent resolves the conversation, the unread message indicator appears but there are new messages visible and the consumer can not scroll down.

  • Consumer can not scroll to the latest message when there is no assigned agent and the conversation is closed.

  • Conversation does not automatically scrolls to the bottom when survey starts/ends.

  • When returning from background banner indicating the count of unread messages is incorrect.

  • App freezes (experiences recursive cycles) on phones which the time has been set in the future. Interim solution: Retry attempts have been limited for consumers with expired JSON Web Tokens trying to authenticate. Once this limit is hit, LP Messaging SDK will post the SDK_AUTHENTICATION_FAILED notification which will trigger the LPMessagingSDKAuthenticationFailed delegate method. A client app can use either of these mechanisms to stop the authorization attempt and notify the consumer they need to obtain a valid token. After the notification has been posted the authentication retries will be reset.

  • In the Agent Console, the consumer conversation information (OS Type & Device) is not updated while switching platforms IOS/Android or OS versions. Update: Update: The current design of LiveEngage platform cannot currently accommodate this request. This can be implemented in a future LiveEngage platform update.

API Update

  • The LPInfraFacad method registerPusherWithLoginFlow(brand) has been updated to registerPusherWithLoginFlow(brand: Brand, authenticationParams: LPAuthenticationParams?) allowing for an optional 'Authentication Parameters' dictionary to be passed to aid in determining the status and routing of authentication for the current consumer.