Environmental Requirements

iOS Mobile App SDK v3.6 is compatible with XCode 10, Swift version 4.2.1 (swiftlang-1000.11.42 clang-1000.11.45.1) and is supported on iOS versions 10 through 12.

API Updates


New method:

public class func unregisterPusherFor( brandId: String, completion: @escaping ()->(), failure: @escaping ( error: Error)->())

Deprecated method:

public class func unregisterPusher( brand: Brand, completion: @escaping ()->(), failure: @escaping ( error: Error)->())

Updated Pusher Errors:

Error Code Error
-1 non supported Device (ie simulator)
-2 network unreachable
-4 no response from server
-5 token expired
-10 failed to register
-20 failed to unregister
-30 failed to get unread message count

Bug Fixes

  • CSAT submit button is disabled in window mode.

  • Socket won't close with non-custom back button.

  • QR button visibility issues when toggling application state.

  • Application instability caused by future time set on device.

  • Multiple apps on device each sharing user cannot deregister from pusher.

  • LPTMesssagingSDKTokenExpired delegate call not being triggered.

  • Reconnecting in unauthenticated fails after JWT expires.

  • System messages do not change to Chinese while device is language is Chinese and the region is in China. Currently SDK system messages do not support the scenario in which language and region are not in sync (For example, device language is in Chinese while the region is in the US).

  • “Still Connecting…” error when app is brought to foreground using springboard.

  • Connection issues after establishing network connection in background and returning to conversation.

  • Cannot resume unauthenticated conversation when toggling between app states.

  • Cannot continue typing in an authenticated conversation if app is placed into the background before sending 1st message.

  • Customers can get stuck in signup flow.

  • Protocol sniffing appears to not be compatible with iOS 12.

  • Constant “Loading…” message in unauthenticated flow after opening Notifications Center.

  • Optimization of determining application state during UI transitions.

  • For 1st unread message, no indication of “Unread Messages” is set within the conversation window.

  • Automatic messages no longer appear outside of conversation window while in background state.

  • Socket connectivity for active conversation without network connection.

Known Issues

Through a series of changing application state, extended backgrounding, and intermittent messaging, occasionally (4%) the user can produce a state where some messages do not appear. Work-around for consumer is reloading the conversation view.