Release date: July 24, 2019

Environmental requirements

The iOS Mobile Messaging SDK version 4.0.0 is compatible with Xcode 10.3, Swift version 5.0.1 (swiftlang-1001.0.82.4 clang-1001.0.46.5), and supported on iOS versions 10 through 12.

Bug fix

  • Fixed issue with login when using certificate pinning while renewing certificates.
  • SDK not recognizing an engagement, causing an issue when registering for campaign for messaging (C4M) where the SDK did not recognize the engagement language.
  • LPConversationsHistoryStateToDisplay in close state updating message as read for an open conversation.
  • Hidden element is read on accessibility mode.
  • Voiceover no longer announces hidden button of submitted secure form.
  • Accessibility on element corrected when downloading a file.
  • Styled Quick Reply now showing on conversation screen.
  • Spacing on top of conversation view after rotating device.
  • Incorrect pluralization for unread message banner in English.
  • Fixed crash in web socket handler.
  • Fixed crash when receiving a file without a thumbnail preview.
  • Corrected execute permissions


  • Migrated table view cells from storyboard to xibs.