iOS Messaging SDK - Version 5.1.0

Release Date: January 2, 2020

Environmental Requirements

The iOS Mobile Messaging SDK version 5.1.0 is compatible with Xcode 11.3, Swift version 5.1.3 (swiftlang-1100.0.282.1 clang-1100.0.33.15), and supported on iOS versions 11 through 13.

Bugs fixed

  • Issue with background color for Agent Avatar image
  • Allow ability to wrap text with in a clickable options for Structure content

Accesibility fixed

  • "Fill in form" button does not inform user when it is still loading
  • Quick reply text is announced automatically but buttons are not
  • VoiceOver begins announcing survey questions as they are published to the chat before they finish loading, causing them to be partially announced, interrupted, then announced again
  • If agent sends a hyperlink, the post is announced as plain text, user has no way to know it an be activated
  • Elements with functionality of hyperlinks are being announced as buttons
  • Attachments are always announced as "image"
  • Separator bar after completing PCS survey can receive focus

New Features

Scroll Behavior Configuration - clients can customize the scroll behavior for the following scenarios:

  • showConversation the SDK window is shown via the call showConversation
  • backgroundToForeground the SDK Conversation is brought from background to foreground state
  • scrollToBottomButtonPressed the SDK scroll to bottom button is pressed
  • pushNotificationTapped a native push notification was tapped and the SDK API setPushNotificationTapped was called.

For more information, see Scroll Behavior Configuration page.

NOTE: unreadMessagesDivider no longer impacts scroll behavior or prevents scrollToBottomButton from being display.