Appearance and Behavior

Note: Full white-labeling is currently not supported. If you are missing an important customization feature, don't hesitate to contact you LivePerson account manager for help.

Below you'll learn how to customize various SDK settings to fit your app's needs. You can customize different aspects of the SDK:

Step 1: Setup

In your Xcode project create a new plist file named:

  • LPCoAppSDK.plist and include it into your app target resources

Step 2: Add custom settings

Open your LPCoAppSDK.plist in Xcode and add the settings you wish to customize.


Key Type Default Value About
acceptCallOnNotificationTap BOOL YES Determines if a tap on a Push-call notification is considered Accepting the call. If set to NO, the user is presented the call screen and must accept explicitly.
ringRepeatTimes Number 3 The number of times a push-call is presented to the user when the app is in background. Hint: On average a notification (with ring) is presented 7 seconds, followed by a 3 second pause. So the total ring duration of 3 repeats amounts to approx. 3 * 10 = 30 seconds. iOS will limit to 4x repeats at max
speakerOnVideo BOOL YES Determines if the phone's speaker should be automatically enabled when a video call is started. This is recommended, as the volume in non-speaker mode is too low to be heard from a viewing distance.
useProximitySensor BOOL YES Determines if the device's screen should be switched off and camera streaming should be paused, while the device is close to a user's ear (e.g. in a voice-call)


Key Type Default Value About
cobrowseFrameColor String #004dc9 The color of the frame surrounding the app's screen during a CoBrowse session. Use a HEX color value as String, including a leading hash (#)
cobrowseTitleColor String #ffffff The color of the title on the top bar during a CoBrowse session. Make sure the color is sufficiently visible against the cobrowseFrameColor background


Key Type Default Value About
ringSound String ring.caf The ring sound file in you Main.bundle played when an incoming call is presented to the user. Note: This does not affect the ring of push-calls. Push-calls always use a file named ring.caf
escalationSound String escalation.caf The sound in your Main.bundle played, when a call escalation (permissions request) is presented to the user. This sound is played once and should be no more than 3 seconds long

Hint: caf files are optimized audio files for iOS. You can convert any aiff file using the command below:

afconvert -v -f 'caff' -d aac -s 1 -b 192000 MySource.aif MyOutput.caf


These settings should only be used to customize the wording according to you app's needs. If you plan to offer a new language not yet available in the SDK, please to speak to your LivePerson account manager.

Step 1: Setup

In your Xcode project, create a new file named:

  • LPCoAppSDK.strings and enable Localization for this file.

This will put the file under your [Language].lproj (e.g. EN.lproj) folders.

Step 2: Edit Wording

Open your LPCoAppSDK.strings in the language you wish to edit and add (ONLY!) those keys you wish to edit. Non specified keys will use the default wording.

Key Default Value (EN) Note
CALLER_NAME Agent The name displayed to the user as the caller, if the actual agent's name could not yet be resolved OR was set to default. This should most likely be your Brand's name

NOTE: More options will be made available once the SDK is out of BETA