Welcome to the Getting Started with Bot Building (Voice) tutorial series! This set of tutorials introduces you to Conversation Builder Voicebots by walking you through the creation of a basic “Pharmacy” bot for a fictitious company named Acme Medical. The bot’s primary function is to handle prescription refill requests and answer FAQs. But, to illustrate a basic IVR (Interactive Voice Response system), you also add rudimentary support for scheduling a flu vaccine too.

The tutorial series includes seven tutorials that build on one another:

  • Prerequisite steps: Complete a few preliminary steps, such as activating our Voice and Generative AI features, and claiming a phone number to use.
  • Intents: Learn how to use our Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine to accurately match consumer input to intents that are defined in the system.
  • Dialogs & patterns: Learn how to create a Voicebot, build out dialog flows within the bot, and direct the flow based on rules based on patterns.
  • Answers enriched via Generative AI: Add a knowledge base of articles and integrate it into the bot. Learn how to turn on and use answers that are enriched via Generative AI (using an LLM service). Enriched answers are smarter, warmer, and better all around.
  • Deploy the bot: Bring it all together by deploying your Voicebot to the Conversational Cloud environment and testing it out by phone.
  • More voice features: Enhance the consumer’s experience by adding support for sending an SMS. Refine things by making adjustments to how consumer interruptions and silence are handled, and applying SSM to make the speech output more expressive.
  • Transfer to Messaging: Meet the consumer in their preferred channel. Transfer the voice conversation to messaging over SMS.
  • Best practices: Make a few minor adjustments to enhance the “readability” of the bot flow, per our best practices.