In order to use your app with your LiveEngage account, you need to register it. The steps below are mandatory to receive push-call notifications on iOS.

Register your App ID

  • Login to your LiveEngage account as Account Admin
  • Open Campaigns tab
  • Select Datasources label below the campaigns list

Data Sources

  • Select APP tab
  • Under Mobile App Management choose Manage

Data Sources Apps

  • Click + Add New

Data Sources Apps2

  • Choose [iOS] as Platform
  • Enter your app's Bundle ID prefixed with voip: in Mobile App name, for example: Adding the prefix is mandatory to receive VoIP calls.
  • Press Create app
  • Wait for a confirmation, then Close

Data Sources Apps3

Configure your App

  • Choose your app from the list
  • Click Edit when hovering

Data Sources Apps4

  1. Upload your Certificate file
  2. Upload your Key file
  3. Save changes

Data Sources Apps5 Note: If you followed the VoIP Example Setup, these are myvoipapp-certificate.pem and private-key myvoipapp-private-key-nopass.pem, respectively.

Your app registration is now complete.