External Bot frameworks and Bot builders can be enabled and managed through LiveEngage just like a normal human agent.

Using the Bot Connector dashboard, you can provision a bot connector for IBM Watson, Google Dialog Flow, and more.

If you need to connect a external bot that does not have a pre-built connector, see this document for instructions.

Each connector provides the functionality to

  • send/receive text messages

  • send structured content

  • transfer the conversation to other skills

  • change Time To Response for a messaging conversation

  • close a conversation

Some connectors may provide more or less functionality depending on the specifics of the product to which it is connecting.

There are two steps to setting up a new bot connector.

  1. Create Bot user in LiveEngage

  2. Provision connector in the Bot Connector dashboard

Create Bot User in LiveEngage

  1. Add a new user in LiveEngage, choose "Bot" for “User type”. If “User type” is not available, contact your LivePerson account manager to enable the feature.

  2. Add login method as "API key" and generate new API key for the new user

  3. Make sure the user has chat and/or messaging slot > 0 based on the target channel of the bot.

  4. Set Max No of Live Chats

    • If Chat in the drop down select - Value > 1.

    • If Messaging Max No of Live Chats -> No Chats and Max No of Messaging Converversations to Custom Setting and enter a value greater than 0

  5. Find api key name in bot user profile

Below is Messaging ONLY

Go to API management page (Campaigns tab > Data Sources > APIs) and add the following APIs to the bot’s API key:

  • Engagement History API

  • Operational API

Provision connector in the Bot Connector dashboard

To access the Bot Connector dashboard, contact your Account Manager to enable the Automation Area in LiveEngage for your account.

Upon logging in to LiveEngage, you will see the Automation Tab:

Follow the steps below to add a new bot connector.

  1. Navigate to the Automation Area Dashboard and click "Connect Bots" on the side menu.

  2. Navigate to the Config page and click “+ADD NEW BOT”

  3. Assign agent: Assign the bot agent that you just created

  4. Choose conversation type: Chat or Messaging

    Settings for Chat:

    Settings for Messaging:

  5. Setup Escalation: Skill to transfer to in the event of an error during connection to the AI service

  6. Connect to A.I.: Choose an AI engine from a list. Add the configuration of AI. See Next Steps.

Next Steps

Move on to the product guides to learn how to connect and configure your specific bot framework/builder.