No bot or answer recommendations are made when the consumer’s message is 3 words or fewer, or when the consumer’s message is non-intentful (e.g., a greeting or other phrase like, “Are you still there” or “Give me a minute,” and so on).

All recommendations that are made based on consumer utterances are cached for 3 hours. Keep this in mind as you update your bots and knowledge bases. If things look stale during testing, try using a slightly different utterance.

Tip: To train your agents, you can start by enabling recommendations for a single skill.

Use a recommended bot or article

In Conversational Cloud, bot and article recommendations are displayed inline within the conversation.

To use a recommended bot

  • Click Delegate to join a bot to the conversation, so the bot takes over. You stay in the conversation, so you can monitor the bot’s progress and remove the bot if needed.

    Tip: As shown in the image above, a system message announces when the bot joins the conversation. You can customize this message.

To use a recommended article

  • Click Use Answer to copy the article’s text to the agent’s text input area. You can edit the text before sending it to the consumer.

Remove or replace the current bot

After you have joined a bot to a conversation, you can remove or replace it if desired:

  • To remove the current bot, click Remove bot at the top of the messaging panel. The agent can then take over.
  • To replace the current bot, click Replace bot beside the bot you want to substitute into the conversation. The selected bot joins the conversation, taking over for the previous bot. (Only one bot can be joined to a conversation at a time.)

Notify the agent when the bot has finished

If you’re recommending bots to your agents, it can be a challenge for the agent to know when the bot has finished its work. The agent must check back repeatedly on the bot’s progress. To solve this, the bot can send a private message when it’s finished handling the consumer’s request. The private message can tell the agent what action has been taken, and let them know that it’s time for them to rejoin the conservation to close things out with the consumer. More on private messages here.