Conversation Builder is a suite of integrated apps that work together to provide an all-in-one automation solution.


  • Conversation Builder is the primary application that allows you to design new bots / automations. Leveraging all of the other apps, this is where the user configures and designs conversational flows, API integrations, etc.

  • Knowledge Base stores articles of information that can be accessed by automations in Conversation Builder.

  • Intent Builder is for building intents and entities that automations in Conversation Builder use to more accurately match consumer responses.

  • Analytics holds all of the operational and usage data for your automations.

  • Accounts is the administration area for managing permissions of Conversation Builder users.

  • Operations allows you to view and change the status of all of your automations in various environments.


In the Getting Started guide, you will learn how to create a new automation from scratch. It will teach the basics of dialogs, interactions, intents, integrations, and connection to LiveEngage. It is recommended to start with this guide.