LivePerson's Conversational AI is a suite of integrated applications that work together to provide an all-in-one automation and AI solution.

Access the Conversational AI applications

  1. Log into Conversational Cloud.
  2. On the left sidebar, click the The Conversational AI icon icon.

This displays the dashboard of applications.

The page that displays the access points to all of the applications in the Conversational AI suite

Before you begin

Learn by doing. You can quickly become familiar with LivePerson’s automation solution by completing one or more of these tutorials:

  1. Build your first bot with our quick start guide.
  2. Dive deeper into Conversational AI with the Getting Started with Bot Building tutorial series.
  3. Explore advanced bot building techniques with the Bot Groups & Other Techniques tutorial series.
  4. Want to bring AI into your agents’ conversations with consumers? Save your agents time by recommending bots and answers inline in conversations. Try the Using Conversation Assist tutorial.

Get started on your goals

I want to… Get started with…
Understand my consumers Intent Manager
Automate answers KnowledgeAI
Automate conversations with bots Conversation Builder and Third-Party Bots
Monitor the status of my bots Bots Status
Analyze the performance of my bots Bot Analytics
Personalize my consumers' journeys at scale Conversation Orchestrator
Equip my agents with AI Conversation Assist
Use my agents to improve my AI AI Annotator
Manage my Conversational AI account settings Bot Accounts

Get help from our community

LivePerson has a Conversational AI forum for builders. Check it out!

We've also got a repository of example bots and sample code.

Get trained

Explore our training offerings on LivePerson Institute.


Use a single domain

Consider building your “sandbox” bots and domains in a single Production account. This makes it a lot easier to test and release changes, particularly for domains. It’s useful to have multiple domains with intent tracking enabled for related reporting on your consumers’ utterances in Production. Having all the domains in the same account makes it easier to validate experiences when trying to improve NLU performance.