LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud is an AI-powered conversational platform that connects brands to consumers through popular channels, such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, and can scale to any number of conversations. It uses AI to determine a consumer’s intent and route them to the correct agent or resource, boosting brand loyalty and consumer satisfaction.

Watch a quick product overview of LivePerson Platform and its tools

Prerequisites: If you don't already have a Conversational Cloud account, request a LivePerson demo.

Connect to mobile channels and customize your Concierge Bot
1. Welcome to the Conversational Cloud
Log in to the Conversational Cloud, where you’ll be greeted by your Concierge Bot. Have your first conversation with the bot for a quick introduction to the platform.
2. Extend your Concierge Bot
LivePerson makes it possible to build custom bots that connect to all messaging channels and systems. Start out by customizing and extending your pre-built Concierge Bot:
3. Enable Mobile Channels
The Conversational Cloud enables brands to connect with consumers on their favorite messaging channels. Learn more about popular channels and their capabilities below:
4. Test your bot
Once you’ve customized your bot and connected it to a messaging channel you can test out the experience. For mobile channels, simply send a message in the relevant app to test out your bot. For Web Messaging, select the preview button in the top right corner of the Dialog Editor to test the interaction.