To determine the layout of messaging within the app, you can utilize various actions to control the behavior and UI such as menus, custom buttons, typing indication, etc.

These methods (1,2 and 3) are only available when using the SDK ViewController (Window Mode)

  1. This method changes the state of the action menu of the conversation for brandID.

    • Note: for more information about how to use this method, click here
public func toggleChatActions(accountID: String, sender: UIBarButtonItem? = nil)
  1. Will be triggered each time the SDK menu is opened/closed.
<LPMessagingSDKdelegate> optional func LPMessagingSDKActionsMenuToggled(toggled: Bool)
  1. If you set a custom button, this method will be called when the custom button is clicked.
<LPMessagingSDKdelegate> optional func LPMessagingSDKCustomButtonTapped()
  1. Will be triggered if Off-Hours state changed.
<LPMessagingSDKdelegate> optional func LPMessagingSDKOffHoursStateChanged(isOffHours: Bool, brandID: String)