Consumers worldwide have moved to messaging; time-shifted messaging is more convenient than phone calls.

"The typical millennial exchanges an average of 67 text messages per day." - Business Insider

"Americans now spend around 5 times longer in messaging apps each day than on voice calls". - Nielsen Social Media Report, 2016.

"WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger alone carry 22 trillion messages per year." -Facebook

Add messaging directly within your app to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Mobile App Messaging provides consumers with the ideal customer experience through an always connected, ongoing conversation.

  • Increase the stickiness of your app through the added value of Mobile App Messaging.

  • Push notifications ensure your consumers never miss a new message.

  • Fully customizable customer experience including look and feel.

  • Optimized for the network bandwidth as well as battery usage.

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For guidance on considerations and how to get started with Mobile App Messaging, click here.