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LivePerson's Conversational AI is a suite of integrated applications that work together to provide an all-in-one automation and AI solution.


  • Conversation Builder is the primary application that allows you to design and build bots. Leveraging all of the other applications, this is where the user configures and designs conversational flows, API integrations, etc.

  • Intent Manager is for building intents and entities that Conversation Builder uses to more accurately match consumer responses, and for tracking and maintaining intents in real-time.

  • KnowledgeAI lets you seamlessly leverage your own content to provide answers and engage in rich, automated conversations with consumers. Turn your existing content into conversational knowledge for consumers and agents.

  • Bot Analytics holds all of the operational and usage data for your bots.

  • Bots Status lets you monitor and manage your deployed bots.

  • Bot Accounts is the administration area for managing permissions of Conversation Builder users.

  • Conversation Orchestrator is the Artificial Intelligence engine that runs across the entire Conversational AI suite.

  • Third-Party Bots explains how to connect external bot builders and frameworks to LivePerson.