Power Virtual Agents - Overview

Power Virtual Agents is a platform provided by Microsoft for codeless chatbot development. Therefore, this platform can be used instead of creating a bot with the Microsoft Bot Framework. Please read the Microsoft documentation on a more detailed guide. Throughout this document we refer to the platform as PVA.


The Direct Line secret necessary to add the bot on Third-Party Bots can be found in the Manage Section of the PVA bot.

Adding this bot to Third-Party Bots will already enable you to leverage most of the bot functionality. For certain features of the PVA platform, however, you should also mark the bot as a PVA bot in the bot configuration

This will generate a native welcome event on a new conversation instead of the custom one described under Basic Content. On the PVA platform this lead to the System Topic Greeting being triggered.


Currently Third-Party Bots supports the following PVA features: